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Mirror Gear ™ was developed by Marie Wickman, a dental hygienist with years of experience in the dental field. Through hands-on experience with the process of using, handling and cleaning mirrors – and seeing scratches ruin countless mirrors – the Mirror Gear ™ idea was born.

Mirror Gear ™ covers are made of specially designed medical grade material, so they’re flexible, durable and heat and chemical-resistant up to 450 degrees.


Simply slide a Mirror Gear ™ cover over the mirror head after each patient use and the mirror is ready for cleaning. The cover remains on the mirror throughout the ultrasonic, sterilization, sorting, storage and handling process. Simply remove the cover when laying out instruments for your next set-up.

In a typical office environment, 90% of dental mirrors are scratched when other instruments that come in contact with the mirror’s surface during the cleaning and handling process. Over time, these small scratches distort the image, making the mirror unusable. Mirror Gear ™ protects the mirror during the cleaning process, so your mirror stays scratch-free and you replace mirrors less often.



We have tried several mirror protectors over the years but each one failed over time. Your Mirror Gear are absolutely the best and easiest of any we have used! We have thrown out the old ones and exclusively use yours! Thank you so much for solving and age-old problem in a bright, colorful and functional way!

Scott L. Goldstein, DDS, Pediatric Dentistry of Long Island, PC, Medford, NY

I love my Mirror Gear covers when I use the Statim Sterilizer. I put new mirror heads on all my mirror handles, and then used the Mirror Gear covers and have not had a scratched mirror yet. I highly recommend these covers and hope you will discover the secret to keeping your mirrors scratch-free too.

Shirley Cross, RDH,BS, Sugar Land, TX

What a great product to keep our mirrors from scratching in the ultrasonic. We use them on all our mirrors.

Pam Walters, RDH, Fairfax, VA

I got to meet Marie, who invented Mirror Gear. It's a simple cover that protects your mirrors on your tray so they don't get scratched while going through the ultrasonic or autoclave. Remember how we used to wrap them in a two by two, this is even better and cool colors!! These will be on every tray soon!!!! 
Becky Logue, RDH, 

Beckmer Products, Inc. - Makers of the Dental R.A.T.



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